A new book by Spencer Hyde

What the other three don't know.

A poignant and gripping YA novel about the unlikely friends who accept you for who you really are and the power of self-acceptance. 

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Praise for What the Other Three Don't Know

Spencer Hyde’s new novel is like the powerful river at its center, written with the potent mix of beauty and raging angst.  Ultimately What the Other Three Don’t Know is a story about forgiveness, about mercy, about learning to seek and accept both.

Matt Mendez, author of Barely Missing Everything and Twitching Heart 

Praise for Waiting for Fitz

Kirkus Reviews

 "Debut novelist Hyde offsets the painful realities of mental illness with gentle surprises and such humor as Fitz’s naming his hallucinations after popular country singers. Thoughtful and thought-provoking"

School Library Journal

"An accurate, honest rendering of teenage mental illness. Fans of John Green and Jennifer Niven will enjoy this realistic portrayal of some heavy subject matter."

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A Podcast with Spencer Hyde

A Discussion with Spencer Hyde on Mental Health Awareness


The Psych Files: Ep 321: OCD – What is it Really Like?

 Would you like to get into the mind of someone who not only has OCD, but who also wrote a novel in which the main character deals with it as well? That’s the premise behind the book, Waiting For Fitz. In this episode I interview the author, Spencer Hyde. He talks about the novel, its characters (one of whom suffers from schizophrenia) and his own experiences dealing with OCD. 

Listen here.

Spencer Hyde: Living With OCD

 Spencer Hyde first began to recognize the symptoms of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder when he was 6-years-old. Since that time, he has repeatedly seen God’s hand in his battle against OCD. In this week's episode, we talk with Spencer about why God allows His children to struggle with mental illness and how the scriptures have aided him in that fight. Listen here.

About the Author

Spencer Hyde spent three years of his high school experience visiting Johns Hopkins for severe OCD. He feels particularly suited to write this novel because he’s lived through his protagonists’ obsessions. Spencer worked at a therapeutic boarding school before earning his MFA and his PhD specializing in fiction. He wrote Waiting for Fitz while working as a Teaching Fellow in Denton, Texas. He is currently an assistant professor of English at Brigham Young University. Stories have a way of changing lives—Spencer learned that the first time he picked up a Tom Stoppard play and realized that words can nudge the world and build bridges to hope. Spencer and his wife, Brittany, are the parents of four  children.

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